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Beardfest 2022

Hammonton, NJ, United States

June 16th - 19th

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Joining the Beardfest team is a great way to earn your ticket. You'll also get a couple perks like a free poster, free GA parking, and light snacks and refreshments during your shift. Best of all, though, might be the memories that you create by joining the Beardfest family and the sense of being a part of something special.

There are a limited amount of volunteer and street team positions available. These tickets are available on a first come, first served basis, and will probably all be snatched up within the first couple days of them being made available.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Wednesday, June 15, 2022


(for volunteers and street teamers)

 REFUNDABLE TICKET we will refund everything except  and the ticket processing fees (once you complete your shifts). The Refund will go through online in the week following the event. Refunds WILL NOT be given to anyone who bails on a shift.

• Free Beardfest 2022 Poster - claimable at the merch table during the event 

• FREE GA Parking - up front in the lot near the ticket booth

(for volunteers)

• Work 12 hours total during the event

• Attend shifts each day - We will assign shifts and roles in advance of the festival. You must be willing to work whichever shifts and roles you are assigned. This means we are ONLY ACCEPTING VOLUNTEERS WHO PLAN TO ATTEND BEARDFEST FROM START TO FINISH.

Show up on time for your shifts and work throughout the whole shift. (If you fail to do this, your ticket will not be refunded)​

• Show up SOBER and ready to work hard for your shifts. We are counting on you!


(for street teamers)

• BE RESPONSIVE to the street team coordinators emails and messages!

• ATTEND 4 SHOWS/EVENTS from our approved list and promote Beardfest at them by hanging posters (an average of 5 per show/15 per festival), talking to people, and distributing handouts (an average of 75 per show/150 per festival). *(we will be able to get you into certain events for free)

• HANG 20 POSTERS in approved public areas. Please consult with the Street Team leader for approval before you do this.

• MAKE 3 SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS AND 3 STORIES promoting Beardfest in creative and genuine ways.

• INVITE 200 FRIENDS to the Beardfest 2022 Facebook EVENT PAGE.

• KEEP TRACK of ALL of your work through the Simple Crew App, which we will explain in detail to you when we reach out. 

• You MUST HAVE A SMART PHONE to be on the street team. This is because we organize the Street Team through a smart phone app.

**PIZZA PARTY: Optional but highly recommended. We will be having a Street Team Pizza Party in South Jersey to get the ball rolling this year. Meeting your team in person is always a good way to get inspired, and most of all its fun! We will also use this meeting as a way to do some basic Street Teamer Training and distribute your promo materials. Pizza will be provided by us. Details on time and date to follow.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your responsibilities, feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator Maribeth at or our street team coordinator Eric at before signing up.

Beardfest 2022
Paradise Lakes
Hammonton, NJ
June 16th - 19th

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